Roofing Services

Our roofing team at Hillside and fully qualified and offer a fully guaranteed and highly professional roofing service providing the following:


At Hillside, our team of roofing experts are fully trained in slating and regularly carry out re-roofing work. Using natural and man-made materials, we can offer the best solution for your budget and property. Working for both domestic and commercial customers on new build and refurbishment projects, we strive to give you the best roofing services with minimal disruption and to your timescales.


Tiling is a more cost effective alternative for both new build and refurbishment projects to slating. We use both concrete and clay, depending on the budget and the type of property.

Natural Clay tiles are a beautiful addition to almost any roof. We use new and reclaimed tiles. Our reclaimed tiles have been removed from an existing roof and are suitable to be re-installed onto a new roof. This technique is perfect for matching a new roof with an existing one creating a seamless integration with the existing tiles.

The natural qualities of clay make beautiful natural roofs which are as cost effective to install as standard concrete tiles thanks to the innovative design that dramatically reduces installation costs with larger format designs that are faster and more efficient to install.

Concrete tiles are a cost effective alternative to clay and are available in many different sizes and colours. Because of their relative low cost, concrete tiles are becoming very popular with house builders and developers. They are particularly useful on large residential or office developments because of their size, relative ease of use and low cost compared with natural materials.

Flat Roofing

You don’t need to live in a modern house to deal with a flat roof. Traditional homes often have sections of flat roof—over shed dormers, above porches and garages, and on balconies. Because flat roofs can take a pounding from our harsh British weather, they rarely last as long as a good sloped roof. Fortunately, at Hillside we only use the best modern materials for covering flat roofs which have improved considerably over the past two decades. Some carry warranties of up to 20 years.

We specialise in many types of flat roof coverings. We supply built up felt roofing (torch applied and pour and roll), mastic asphalt, single ply and fibreglass.


Our specialist leadworking encompasses traditional bossing techniques using sand cast lead, through to modern welding methods and dressing using rolled sheet lead.

Listed below are some common uses for lead:

  • Cladding to dormer windows
  • Flashings to abutments
  • Linings to parapet and valley gutters
  • Coverings to flat and pitched roofs
  • Weatherings to ledges and cornices
  • UPVC

    If you are looking for new fascias, soffits, guttering or cladding, we are the people for you. Our team of experienced tradesman can replace your fascias, soffits and guttering using only the highest quality lead free upvc products, leaving you with a property that will look like new again. So if you are thinking about updating the exterior of your property call us on 0114 247 4647 today for a FREE no obligation quote.